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Stove Reminder
For many of us, cooking is about much more than simply preparing food. It's about conversations in the kitchen, sitting down for a meal with family, or the smell of freshly baked cookies at grandma's.

Yet stoves can be a source of danger too. They're the number one cause of home fires, and unattended cooking is the main contributing factor. It's easy to get distracted when cooking, we've all left the stove on by mistake at one time or another. And it can be a real source of worry too: wondering if you left the stove on after you leave the house, or concern about the cooking habits of a family member.

That's where our simple solution comes in - it's helpful to have reminders when cooking. That's true whether it's a busy family juggling too many things at once, or someone (like me) who tends to be a little absent minded sometimes. Simple reminders go a long way: helping to return our focus if we get distracted, and saving us from a burnt meal, or worse.

Most important, it gives us the confidence to enjoy all the wonderful things that come from cooking.

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Stove Reminder



Stove Reminder